Dick Costolo Ex-CEO of Twitter Got Hacked!

The same group of teenage hackers that hacked Facebook CEO  Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts have hacked another the Twitter account of another high-profile person.

It’s ex-CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo.

The hacker group from Saudi Arabia, dubbed OurMine, compromised Twitter account of former Twitter CEO on Sunday and managed to post three tweets on Costolo’s Twitter timeline, first spotted by a Recode reporter.

However, the tweets seemed to be just simple-worded tweets with no disturbing content. It looked like the hacking group was testing its access to the account.

Twitter Ex-CEO Dick Costolo Got Hacked!

All the three tweets in question have since been deleted, and Costolo soon regained access to his account.

Moreover, Twitter also suspended the Twitter account belonging to OurMine once again, after the company already suspended its original account following the Zuckerberg hacks.

After regaining access to his account, Costolo said that the group of hackers managed to post tweets on his timeline without directly compromising his Twitter profile.

Instead, the hackers got access to “an old account from another [third-party] service that cross-posted to Twitter,” the Twitter ex-CEO said.

The links included in the tweets indicates that hackers managed to access Costolo’s Pinterest account and then cross-posted to his Twitter timeline, though the group did not reveal how it accessed Costolo’s Pinterest account.


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